About Us

About Us

Aceletics started out as an active wear brand determined to bring you quality clothing at an affordable price. Though that still holds true, we want the brand to mean more than that. We want to be able to create a community of like minded individuals that push each other forward no matter the circumstance. When you hear the name Aceletics or see the logo we want you to be able to feel a sense of connection. 

On the apparel side of things, we want to create apparel that you can train with, but also wear outside of the gym. We want to eventually dive into all the markets we can and be able to provide everyone with some apparel. We're going to try our best to constantly innovate our apparel. This means consistently bringing you new designs, better fabrics and overall we want to create game changing apparel.

This is just the beginning and we want you to be a part of our journey. Thank you for the support you have given us and we hope that you will continue to give.

- The Aceletics Team

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